Peter Greenaway’s GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY, in Romanian premiere, at the BIEFF 2012 Closing Ceremony!

Only a few days after its international premiere at the Rome Film Festival, GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY, the most recent film from British director PETER GREENAWAY, comes for the first time in Romania at BIEFF 2012, where it will be screened during the Closing Ceremony, on Sunday, November 25th, at Cinema Scala, in the presence of its author.


Ever since its first edition, BIEFF launched a highly successful collaboration with PETER GREENAWAY, one of the most important contemporary experimental filmmakers. He opened BIEFF's first edition with an impressive master class, attended by cinema professionals and the general public alike, but also with the screening of his film, REMBRANDT’S J’ACCUSE. GREENAWAY returned in 2011 for the opening of the festival with his original work, LIVE CINEMA VJ PERFORMANCE LUPERCYCLOPEDIA, a highly innovative audio-visual experiment, which debates on the limits of cinematic language and offers the viewer an unique artistic experience, experiment which has been enjoying a worldwide acclaim. Starting with 2012, PETER GREENAWAY becomes HONORARY PRESIDENT of the International Experimental Film Festival Bucharest BIEFF, generously joining us in our educational endeavour.



The famous American magazine THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER wrote right after the international premiere of the film: GREENAWAY offers up another thickly layered, and this time heavily licentious, course in revisionist art history with his latest creation, the neo-Baroque GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY."


A postmodernist immersion into the history of art and of humanity and an eccentric visual feast, the impressive GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY follows the story of Hendrick Goltzius, a late 16th century Dutch printer and engraver of erotic prints. On having arrived at the palace of the Margrave of Alsace, Goltzius and his company of printers, actors and performers, The Pelican, convince the Margrave into paying for a printing press they can use to publish illustrated versions of the Old Testament and the works of Ovid. In return, Goltzius and his printing company offer to enact six biblical stories from the Old Testament related to sexual taboos. The erotic tales of Adam and Eve, Lot and his daughters, David and Bathsheba, Samson and Delilah and John the Baptist and Salome are transformed into lavishly creative and humorous tableaux vivants that yield a stunning force of seduction.



PETER GREENAWAY on GOLTZIUS AND THE PELICAN COMPANY: “In terms of «big ideas», the film unapologetically wishes to discuss three themes – erotica in our times, the antagonism of Christianity and sex, and the invention of a new media. (…) Undoubtedly there is a discourse here about blasphemy, religious moralizing, sexual hypocrisy and various states of sexual taboo, and the unsatisfactory way all religions deal with the apparently irreconcilable chasm between religious belief and sexuality.”


Trained as a painter and heavily influenced by theories of structural linguistics, ethnography, and philosophy, PETER GREENAWAY's films often pass across unexplored territories, rejecting conventional narrative structures in favor of an awe-striking imagery, constantly testing the limits and canons of the cinematic medium. Regularly nominated in prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Venice and Berlin, GREENAWAY has an impressive body of work, consisting of 12 feature films and 50 short-films and documentaries, exhibitions, visual installations, VJ performances, paintings, books, opera librettos. His film, THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE AND HER LOVER received great critical and audience acclaim and established him internationally as an original filmmaker, a reputation consolidated by his following films, such as THE PILLOW BOOK, THE TULSE LUPER SUITCASES, DROWNING BY NUMBERS, or the more recent NIGHTWATCHING and REMBRANDT’S J’ACCUSE.


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The new edition of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival – BIEFF will take place between 20th – 25th of November at Cinema Scala and Cinema Elvira Popescu. The entrance to the screenings and related events is free of charge, depending on the number of available seats.


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