IDFA Amsterdam, the main European Documentary Festival, for the first time in Romania, at BIEFF 2012!

Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival BIEFF continues its excellent collaboration with the Dutch film industry, by presenting to the Romanian audience the prestigious IDFA International Documentary Festival Amsterdam - the main European documentary festival, also called “the Cannes of documentary film”. As well, BIEFF continues the inspiring collaboration started 3 years ago with the EYE Film Institute Netherlands.


The Netherlands is one of the key international players in the area of experimental film and visual art, due to strong talent and openness to experiment, but also thanks to an important national support for this type of cinema: from financing, production, distribution and festival promotion to audience's visual education. In this context, the extended collaboration with The Netherlands, constantly supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bucharest, becomes an essential element for BIEFF’s educational mission and for supporting the Romanian experimental cinema.


Annually, over 300 documentaries are screened at IDFA. David Maysles, Raymond Depardon, Werner Herzog, Ulrich Seidl are just a few of the directors whose documentaries world premiered in Amsterdam. IDFA presents at BIEFF its section dedicated to experimental documentary, PARADOCS, which showcases works outside the traditional documentary aesthetics, at the border between cinema and visual art, and authors that explore new artistic ways to do justice to the complexity of reality.


The IDFA PARADOCS program, possible thanks to the generous support offered by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, proposes some of the last year’s most impressive experiments:


Winner of the Best Documentary Award at Tampere 2012 and highly acclaimed in the international film festivals circuit, I WILL FORGET THIS DAY, by ALINA RUDNITSKAYA is an essay concerning the state of mind of women who are about to have an abortion. A bold and incisive study on how difficult is to make moral decisions in the light of the harsh social realities of nowadays Russia. The non-interfering “behavior” of the camera paradoxically enhances the deeply humanist approach, the distance and the silence allowing us an even deeper emotional access to the protagonists’ inner turmoil. No judgment is cast, no verdict stated, we are left solely to furtively observe the women’s body language and gaze, which betray their internal struggle.



Premiered at the Venice Film Festival, CRUST is an exquisite cinematic exploration of the unseen industrialization process China is currently undergoing. Masterful expressionist visual compositions and the elaborated sound design place CRUST in the realm of industrial poetry, in which anonymous human destinies take their course within the boundaries of mechanical interstitial spaces. Guest on several occasions of the Venice Film Festival, director WENHAI HUANG wishes that his movies are not screened only abroad, but that the Chinese could also watch them and really look at themselves in the mirrors he has so far tried to create through his documentaries.



A dialogue between private lives and contemporary geopolitical issues, PRINTED MATTER investigates the emotional impact of archive footage as a triggering device for personal recollection and, consequently, for subjective reinterpretations of history. Conceived as an examination of contact prints and photographic negatives made by the father of one of the filmmakers (a freelance press photographer), commented upon by his wife, the movie encases both a visual chronicle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an intimate autobiographic unfolding, everyday scenes alternating with memorable historical events. “As if it were a fragile time capsule steered by this woman’s enchanting low-pitched off-screen voice, PRINTED MATTER takes its viewers on a calm yet penetrating journey back in time – into the intimacies of political histories and the politics of intimate lives.” said the directors SIRAH FOIGHEL BRUTMANN and EITAN EFRAT.


BIEFF is honoured to collaborate for the third consecutive year with EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Dutch public institution which plays the most important role in promoting contemporary Dutch cinema. EYE Film Institute brings to Bucharest, with the kind support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, a selection of the most interesting recent Dutch experimental shorts, selection realized by curator Anna Abrahams, Project Leader Experimental at EYE and member of BIEFF 2012 jury. Among them:



Screened in Rotterdam and Cinema du Reel 2012, DAUGHTERS is an intimate documentary about family. After ten years living abroad, Marta returns to Poland to help her mother clear out her recently deceased grandmother’s apartment. The combination of three generations’ family archive shot on 8mm with Skype conversations captures the emotional implications of the distance between mother and daughter. A very personal and touching experience, DAUGHTERS follows the character's inner change: from seeing family responsibilities as a duty imposed by society, to embracing them as a deep human connection.



MOTOR follows the secretive behaviour of a group of people living in the same building, a small community in which paranoia and rumours spread like a virus. The filmmaker SIMONE BENNET notes: „the movie speaks about the current political climate in the Netherlands where people infect each other with negativity, paranoia and suspicion rather than love. But MOTOR is not just about Holland. I have made a film about the human condition.”



The new edition of the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival – BIEFF will take place between 20th – 25th of November at Cinema Scala and Cinema Elvira Popescu. The entrance to the screenings and related events is free of charge, depending on the number of available seats.


Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) is organized by The Association for Culture and Image, with the support of The National Centre of Cinematography, The National University of Drama and Cinema, The National University of Fine Arts, Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts, MNAC National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jameson, JTI, Samsung, UNIFRANCE, Noumax, Romania Film, The Konrad Adenauer Foundation, The French Institute, The Austrian Cultural Forum, The Polish Institute, Goethe Institute, Design Forge, The Embassy of The Republic of Korea, Dacia, ALLTUR, Libraria Bastilia, Lente, Hotel Moxa, La Mama, Kraftmark.


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