CASUAL (4', Romania, 2012)


Red light and shadows are the trademark of the experimental video, CASUAL, a film which tries to speak about human relations, and more specific about the way sexual intercourse is seen today.



Production: Universitatea de Artă şi Design Cluj

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Director's contact: teodora_cocisiu[at]yahoo[dot]com



TEODORA ADRIANA COCIȘIU is a student at the University of Art and Design Cluj Napoca.


"Even though the sexuality is a central theme in our modern society, being openly debated from any point of view, for most people it is still a topic which can hardly be discussed more than absolutely necessary. CASUAL focuses on this topic, still taboo for many, trying to point out that sex is a normal, everyday, natural part of our life, which is not given enough attention. Through editing, which goes backwards, from prelude to the sexual intercourse, I wanted to emphasize the fact that today, along with avoiding the topic of sexuality, more and more people don't care anymore about the prelude either." (Teodora Adriana Cocișiu)


"There is a sort of graphic value attached to CASUAL. Experimental like a Chinese shadow play, the director uses a strong backlight and films her characters through a canvas, in a devilish purple color. It is a decomposing of the sexual act in chapters (and positions), which, more than having a meaning in themselves, create a strong sense of uncanniness. The powerful red color which dominates the film and the minimalist score reminiscent of horror cinema have this intrinsic quality. We don't have any monster here, just two people embracing a sex moment, and it is left for further discussion why sex is depicted here in a ‘monster-like’, un-‘natural’ way." (Andrei Dobrescu, BIEFF 2012)