ROMANIAN Cinematic Experiments

AEQUINOCTIUM (4', Romania, 2012) Read more



Everything is eerily still. An ominous feeling you can’t quite place. An old lonely woman living in the coutryside spends her day waiting. For what, we do not know. Her entire life can be summed up in a stack of photographs pinned to the wall. Suddenly, aan inexplicable phenomenon makes the people in those images fade away, until finally, so does the woman. A contemplative short on the fleeting nature of life, AEQUINOCTIUM brings up what we’d rather avoid: everyday lived brings us closer to disappearing.

CASUAL (4', Romania, 2012) Read more



Red light and shadows are the trademark of the experimental video, CASUAL, a film which tries to speak about human relations, and more specific about the way sexual intercourse is seen today.

COLLECTIVE IDENTITY (15', Romania, 2012) Read more



Combining classical and contemporary dance elements, based on movements generated by emotions, COLLECTIVE IDENTITY is a journey inside the dancers’ mind, while they are attempting to regain their uniqueness. A sensuous essay about a group of dancers that face fear, love and pain while trying to find themselves after having left aside the belief in what they ought to be.

DONNA MUST DIE (12', Romania, 2012) Read more



"A pastiche of noir films and, at the same time, homage to the pasticheur par excellence, The Mighty Tarantino. The filmmakers play with the conventions of the cinema of the 30s, and under this game one can feel a tender nostalgia." (FILM MENU) A lawn gnome, a quiet motel on a desolated road and one too many games draw the story of DONNA MUST DIE, a very tricky tell, with a twist to chill your laugh. Fred, a passive aggressive husband, confronts his urge for revenge after his lifeless wife Donna accidentally destroys his most valued possession. Once Donna leaves town, Fred starts planning his escape.

FLORENTINA (9', Romania, 2012) Read more



Florentina is a woman in her 40’s who is about to throw away from her apartment and from her life the belongings of a man. Dressed in a night robe and pyjamas, hidden behind a dumpster in the parking lot, she witnesses a couple having sex. She decides to follow the man and this strange pursuit gradually transforms into a moment of bliss, in which she exorcises her sexual anxieties and fantasies through dance.

IMAGINARY BORDERS (4', Romania, 2011) Read more



A blind folded man, in a timeless space. Searching for his place and meaning in the world, he realizes something changed inside him and that he can't find himself any longer in any of the patterns promoted by our contemporary society. IMAGINARY BORDERS describes the moment when a man wakes up and raises an imaginary border between what he is and what society wants him to be. A call to escape from conformism and to regain control over our lives.

KINOGLAZ FEAT. NATURAL BORN VLOGGER (7', Romania, 2012) Read more



KINOGLAZ FEAT. NATURAL BORN VLOGGER is based on a series of “vlogs” (an invented word, derived from “blog”) - Youtube posts recorded over 4-5 years, in which ALEXANDRU BĂDELIȚĂ is talking about different events from his life. Arrayed in a multi-split-screen, the vlogs are more likely a background for a discourse on the self, on how individual stories define us and on the possibility of a new type of human communication that would take place in the vlogoshpere.

MASK (5', Romania, 2012) Read more



Made by Romanian visual artist FLORIN SOCIU, MASK is an animation that brings to life his pencil sketches. Drawn in thick hatching lines, a woman is being followed by a mask which turned into a bird. The two go through undefinable spaces, in an ambiguous atmosphere of waiting and hesitation. Finally, the woman loosens up her gestures, her body becomes expressive as she dances nonchalantly with a red veil.

RETURN TO EARTH (1', Romania, 2012) Read more

Director: POP TÜNDE


A minimalist example of video art coming from a fine arts school, POP TUNDE’s compact poem is a protest against diffusion and uncertainty, which expresses in a sensorial way that short moment before returning to reality after being immersed in one’s own interiority.

RITE OF SPRING (8', Romania, 2010) Read more



In RITE OF SPRING by the Romanian visual artists MONA VĂTĂMANU and FLORIN TUDOR the simple and poetic gesture of children starting small fires which burn the white poplar fluff implies a promise, the promise of renewal. Some of those in the film are street kids, some have a family, some not, some have a home, some are nomad, some just squat a derelict house without a roof. Sometimes, the mesmerizing play of children with fire eventually consume a tree, fire workers come and extinguish it, leaving the burned trunk as a black drawing on the sky.

STILL LIFE, 20TH C. (12', Romania, 2012) Read more

Director: CĂLIN DAN


At the border between fiction and documentary, the latest work signed by the Romanian visual artist CĂLIN DAN relies on the autobiographical inquiry. The memories of a woman imprisoned without a trial on political grounds by the Romanian communist regime in 1948 intersect with the recollections of a little boy preparing the table for lunch at his grandmother’s place in 1965. Apparently a description of how life unfolded in the communist Eastern Europe, the video refers to multiple layers of 20th century history and involves ideological confusion, guilt, oppression and trauma altered memory.